Storm Water Management

We help keep our streams, lakes, and wetlands clean.


As rainfall flows over ground surfaces and is unable to soak into paved areas—road, driveways, parking lots, rooftops––a greater volume of runoff water is created compared to the same rainfall in a forested area. Water pollutants in stormwater, such as bacteria, oil and grease, metals, and pesticides, come from a variety of sources––pet waste, cars, trash, construction sites, and lawn fertilizers, to name only a few.

Removing pollutants from storm water is an important component of storm water managements. Sediment, trash, debris, nutrients and metals are some of the leading causes of water quality impairment we face today.

Delta Operations can collect and analyze samples of stormwater to satisfy permit requirements and recommend best management practices to manage stormwater runoff, including filters and hydrodynamic separators that help remove some of the most challenging pollutants from urban rainfall that pose the most threat to our streams, lakes, and wetlands.