Community Water Management

Our operators are state certified and technically skilled.


The quality of community water systems is overseen and managed through four standard methods: Coagulation and Flocculation, Sedimentation, Filtration, and Disinfection. The Delta Operations team is experienced and skilled in all of them.

Coagulation begins by adding chemicals with a positive charge to particles in the water, neutralizing them to form a gelatinous mass. Flocculation is a gentle stirring or agitation to encourage these masses to settle or be filtered from the solution.

The Sedimentation of floc are heavier particles in the mass that settles to the bottom of the water.

Filtration happens once the flocculation settles to the bottom and the clear water on top can easily pass through the filters of different compositions to dissolve small particles.

The last step, Disinfection, is achieved by adding a disinfectant that kills any remaining parasites, bacteria, and viruses to sanitize the water from harmful germs.

Delta Operations:

  • Provides state-certified operators

  • Collects and analyzes test samples (generally testing for Coliform and Nitrates)

  • Furnishes technical assistance as requested or needed

  • Prepares reports for State Compliance: Consumer Confidence Report, Cross Connection/Backflow Device Annual Summary Report, Operations and Maintenance Manuals, Emergency Response Plans, Coliform Sampling Plans

  • Develops plan reviews to establish wells in public drinking water systems